Princes of the Apocalypse

Meeting the Feathergale Knights

Lanteth questions the wisdom of attempt to bluff their way into the spire.  How many people — exotic races at that — does it take to escort a load of supplies.  Andmir suggests robbing a bank to buy in membership.  The constable looks at him askance.  The constable notes that he cannot justify going out at this time, but is willing to deputize, looks around at the mismatched party one by one, Calumash to investigate in his place.

Having decided on the approach, they depart for the spire and arrive without incident.  They approach the tower and ring the bell at the end of the causeway.  The draw bridge lowers and they approach the gate itself.  A single female human, dressed in blue and white livery, emerges and asks their business.  Calumash explains that he has been deputized to investigate some graves not far from here.  They what the knights here.  She replies that they patrol for evil incursions.  They further ask how far the knights patrol.  She replies that they patrol the whole valley.  She offers to bring them to the captain.  She turns to the door and issues a complicated knock, after which the door is opened for her.

She leads them up a spiral staircase.  Upstairs they pass a great hall filling most of the spire.  It is full of tapestries of hippogriffs and mounted heads of various creatures.  The tables are set for the weekly knights' feast.

They continue to the next floor where she knocks on the door.  "Enter."  A well built human male greets them and introduces himself as Thurl Merosska.  He dismisses the woman, who names herself Savra when asked.  

He asks, "How can I help you, constable?"  They note that he is aware of the deputization without them mentioning it.  They ask about the shallow graves found nearby.  Then follow up with the attack on the missing caravan and the ankheg attack.  He claims to know nothing, but will ask to see if there is news.  He says that they have about 60 members with 3-4 patrols out at any given time.  Andmir asks who gave them the authority to patrol.  The captain replies, "Who should?  We have taken it upon ourselves."  He says that the society took up residence in the spire about 18 months ago and hae had no problems with the reputed haunting.  Saflara asks how they intend to make their mark.  He replies that they wish to make the valley a safer place.  He further invites them to dine with the knights at the feast.

At this point, the doors slam open.  "The manticore's on the move!"  The captain exclaims, "A prize for the one who brings me its head!"  They are invited to participate in the hunt and agree.  They are accompanied by four knights, and all are mounted on hippogriffs.

Saflara spots the manticore first.

The beast is unable to escape to a shadowed cliff line, and the heroes eventually take it down.  They return to the captain and receive a ring worth 250 gp as a prize in the midst of jubilation from the knights.

Later they are invited to the captain's chambers.  He heard the good reports from the knights that accompanied them on the hunt.  He knows of another haunted keep on the river, the Sacred Stone Monastery.  A group of reclusive monks dwell there.  They where brown robes and golden masks depicting a snarling gargoyle.

They spend the night in the spire.  Upon awakening, Axiku, Jolana, and Saflara overhear Savra, "…can't wait until we have air dominion and eliminate our enemies in Waterdeep."  They approach her and ask about her experience here.  She says that she was inspired by the captain and has been here for about 9 months.

The captain meets with them in the morning.  He says that there was a patrol in the area of the river when the heroes spotted them and near the site of the massacre, but did not see the delegate at all, but they did see a dozen monks in the area around that time.  There are dozens, perhaps a hundred, of monks in the monastery.

And so our heroes choose to investigate the monastery…



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